Bon Giorno! And a bon giorno it will be. The smell of Italian coffee will make you LOVE mornings when you wake up like this. Even though you might have had a glass (or two) of wine the night before.

On top of the hill, or on top of the world more like it… that is the feeling you get in Cascina Toetto. Bikes are available for rent, and the area is perfect for our excursions.

The house features a fully equipped kitchen and dining area. Different living spaces, 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. 15 people will fit fine without stepping too much on each others toes.

check out instagram: cascina_toetto if you are curious.

Our adventures to this amazing place will focus on joy. Movement -yes. Breathing -yes. Mobility -yes. Core strength -yes. Presens -yes. Peace of mind… -yes. Health is wealth, and we are getting rich. Really like Elon Musk filthy rich.

You don´t have to be able to squeeze yourself into a box. You don´t even have to know all these dogs going up and down, the cobras or warriors, or looking like a bridge. You are in the best of hands, so just let yourself go with the flow, and be guided through the sanskrit commandoes that sounds a bit like a great variation of awasana´s and so forth.

We will eat pasta. We will offer wine. The good stuff that doesn’t make you bloated or sick, because yes, there is a huge difference. And we will listen to our body, learning what it tells us is ok, or maybe not so much on its preference list, if you gave it the chance to chose for itself. We will enjoy every kind of high quality produce we feel like, because with some smart choices, we can. And did I mention? We will!