Where we live from the heart!

In Costa Rica, you can do almost everything. Do you like surfing, diving, running, riding, swinging like a monkey from tree to tree, or rafting? How about a hot air balloon flight?

 With the Caribbean on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, you get access to two completely different vibes. And as if that wasn’t enough, you have everything in the middle ranging from The Mystical Cloudforest, some active volcanoes and The Hanging Bridges. Beautiful walks lead you to majestic waterfalls, or what about floating down a crispy turquoise river, sitting in a big tyre? It is also very super mega allowed to just lie straight out on the beach, and do absolutely nada. Just be aware of the cute little monkeys who gladly will enjoy stealing your chips 🙂

One of the great places to visit is La Finca. Here we live in small cabins in wonderful natural and tropical surroundings. The horses graze in the fields just outside your porch, and the mascot of the place, the water buffalo Tonka, also thinks he is a horse by the way.

 Here is a link if it aroused your curiosity: https://lafincacr.com/

From here we will visit the “secret” hot springs, with warm water high in minerals just naturally flowing straight up from the ground. A 100% natural SPA. We will also enjoy different local fun stuff, like 4 wheelers and of course horses. 

The beach is obviously a must have and do, and in Cost Rica there are endless beautiful sandy dunes, from black to crystal-white, and also beaches that are purely made of tiny tiny shells!