Much more than charter and umbrella drinks I’ll tell you! Mallorca is an island with beautiful beaches, beautiful cycling, walking and running trails that follow the landscape and the sea, almost all the way from one side to the other. 

Palma city is beautiful and authentic, with a fantastic restaurant life, and tons of bars and cafes. The attractions are all around you, and the majestic cathedral makes its mark of by the harbour. 

Palma is low-key. Our adventure in Mallorca leaves room for all conditions and challenges, and the training is tailored to each individual need. We are all so different, and there is no minimum standard of what you must be able to do. We all just do our best according to ability. 

Fun activities in exactly the right amount and intensity is our goal. Injured? Maybe (and hopefully) you don’t have to bring your pain back home. Let’s just leave it at the beach.