Koh Chang and Koh Samed


Start practising! This means thank you, and you will say this a lot. Because you want to. The kindness itself and endless smiles, in a lush country of great variety. Different standards, no doubt about it, charming in different ways. 

Here you can find the backpackers’ paradise with bungalows and hammocks (remember mosquito net though if this is tempting), and at the same time, high-end luxury and maximum comfort is available, and for us Norwegians at even affordable price. 

We do different destinations in Thailand. A slightly smaller island with almost only Thai and Chinese people named Koh Samed. The other larger island is known as the Elephant Island, Koh Chang. Both great in their own unique way, very different experiences, equally wonderful.

We start out from Bangkok and from here we have a private minibus that will safely take us to our destination. The ferry will take us across the sea, buss and all, so no need for messy logistics.

The training takes place mostly outside in the beautiful nature, on the beach or on dirt roads for running, with all the beauty that surrounds us in this incredible tropical landscape. 

PT hours one-to-one will take place in a small gym at the resort in Koh Chang. 

After all, it takes more than fifteen minutes to get to Thailand, so plan for a 12 days or two weeks experience. We guarantee you it really gets under your skin, and you would wish you could stay longer. And of course you can. And should.