Katarina is the potato, (witch in Norwegian symbolises the ability to solve any problem, or be used for anything). She loves everything as long as it includes the sun, beach and tropical nature. Rehabilitation from injuries or illness, running, strength training, horseback riding, scuba-diving, dancing, violin and kick-boxing just to mention a few of her hats. Her humor is the best, according to herself, and she is basically always happy and energetic. For more detailed information, just go to this webpage: www.leopax.no she has made a short summary of her life and what she is all about. And it´s a fun read.


With a background from Cross-Fit, approximately 376 years of experience and several titles from competitions all over the world, Indy is the Tarzan in our team. He is married to this Brazilian goddess, and they have some lovely children that will probably grow up swinging in the jungle as well.

Besides from being a likeable and funny guy, he is also the trainer of several famous celebrities and athletes, Olympic Gold Medal winners and all. (Though he didn´t even know who many of them were until after a couple of sessions.)